Multiple price options

You've worked hard, and your work deserves another pair of  eyes to ensure its success. This service is for shorter, academic writing. WEX Editors provide excellent services at a reasonable $45 per-hour rate. This can include:

  • Editing for content to provide feedback on writing elements such as organization, clarity of content, specificity of research design and methods, sentence-level revisions, and word choice. This is best done before the document is complete.
  • Proofreading to correct typos, grammar and punctuation, wrong words, and  other minor errors at the sentence level. This is best done on a  completed document when major revisions are no longer likely.
  • Format/Style Editing to adjust the formatting of your document according to a specific format and style sheet. This format editing is best accomplished with a final draft of the manuscript. You are expected to have all content, including in-text citations, in place before requesting this service. 
  • Combined Proofreading and Format Editing: a completed dissertation  benefits from a complete examination of format and proofreading to  ensure that what is submitted is a polished finalized text.

All of these services are available at $50/hour. With papers under 20 pages, we ask that you submit an initial payment of $100 for 2 hours. If your submission is fewer than 5 pages, one hour satisfies the deposit requirement. 

 When your review is  completed, WEX will  contact you by email should additional payment be required. Once you pay the additional amount, your review will be sent via email and attached to the submission in Submittable. If no additional payment is  required, your review will be sent as soon as it is complete. Any credit balance may be used for future editing services. WEX does not offer refunds of payments for any of it services. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.