WEX provides all excellent services at a reasonable $40 per-hour rate. 

You've worked hard, and your work deserves another pair of eyes to ensure its success. WEX Editors have the expertise to refine your prose, correct your format, and ensure that your document succeeds. 

Services can include:

  • Editing for content to provide feedback on writing elements such as organization, clarity of content, specificity of research design and methods, sentence-level revisions, and word choice. This is best done before the document is complete.
  •  Format/Style Editing to adjust the formatting of your document according to a specific format and style sheet. This format editing is best accomplished with a final draft of the manuscript. You are  expected to have all content, including in-text citations, in place before requesting this service. 
  • Combined Proofreading and Format Editing: a manuscript benefits from a complete examination of format and proofreading to ensure that what is submitted is a polished, finalized text. Available only to manuscripts previously edited by WEX. 

Pricing and Payments. Regardless of the services requested, all are charged the same hourly rate. 

  • All WEX services are on a prepaid basis. A deposit must be received before services will rendered. Additional charges will be billed to the student upon completion of the editing.
  • Documents longer than 10 pages require a two hour deposit.
  • Documents shorter than 10 pages require a one hour deposit.
  • Clients understand that the deposit is to initiate the editing transaction and that they are responsible for full payment of the contracted work, understanding that documents can consume more than the deposited amount. 
  • Once completed and fully paid, reviews will be returned via email and attached to the submission in Submittable. 
  • In the event that a project takes less time than expected, you will be issued a credit balance that may be applied to future WEX services. Please note that that WEX does not offer refunds for proofreading, editing, or coaching services. 

Turnaround Time:

  • WEX editors will complete your requested work in about 10 business days (2 weeks), unless the document requires extensive additional work; in that case, WEX will contact you before proceeding.
  • WEX is closed on weekends. All submissions on weekends are considered submitted on the following business day.
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.