Coaching services are available at $55/hour for Antioch students and alumni. 

The WEX Writing Coach provides writers with substantive writing support and consultation. This deep editing support guides writers in any stage of  the writing process: from early outlining of ideas to final revision for readability. The WEX Writing Coach provides support for developing content, organizing ideas, and revising for greater clarity, as well as line editing for correct grammar and conventions. 

WEX Writing Coaches have expertise in multiple writing genres: from academic to business to creative manuscripts. They are here to support you in all stages of the writing  process. Writing Coaches are especially helpful for those "high stakes" writings, such as  a book manuscript or a dissertation. With doctoral students, a coach can help them organize their research and prepare to write the dissertation. 

Submitting a draft of whatever writing you want help with guides the WEX Writing Coach  in understanding your particular writing needs; however, other writers appreciate the value of consulting with a Writing Coach to  define writing goals and support. 

This option is available to Antioch Students and Alumni only at this discounted rate. You may begin with one hour and take it from there, or you might want to schedule a month of meetings to keep the momentum going. Whatever you decide, we're here to help you. 

Once payment is received, WEX will contact you and introduce you to your coach. Any credit balance may be used for future editing as WEX does not offer refunds of payments for any proofreading, editing, or coaching services. WEX expects clients to notify their coaches before 24 hours for any changes to appointments. Cancellations of scheduled appointments without the required 24 hour notice may incur the hourly charge. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.