The hourly rate for this service is $55/hour, billed at the conclusion of service. 

With your program's permission, WEX can edit your comprehensive exam responses, and you may submit your comprehensive exams for format editing only. Since it's an exam, it's fundamental that WEX editors respect your writer's voice and knowledge of the material. As a result, WEX editors will focus their edits on polishing the document for typos, errors in syntax, citations, references, and pagination, etc. They will not change the substance of your content nor advise on missing material. 

Students may submit their responses as they write them or submit all at once. There's value in the full document in cross-checking the references section. If you decide to submit as you finish, you might benefit from an additional submission of the full document for this final review. WEX editors will use Track Changes and will send to you two versions of your writing: one with the Track Changes present and the other with all accepted. Comments will appear on the polished document so that they still receive your attention. 

If you decide to submit each response separately, WEX will send you directions on how to submit future answers. Since most writers at this point are at a quick deadline, please email WEX directly should you have any questions. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.