This service is for those interested in transforming their dissertations into other manuscripts such as journal articles or books written for a new audience. 

Taking the academic manuscript of the dissertation and creating another document requires a certain amount of transformation. It certainly requires an ability to copy edit a lengthy manuscript of disparate parts in such a way that it becomes a readable text tailored to a new audience. WEX PhD Coaches have the editing expertise and breadth of writing exposure to help you meet this goal. 

This service includes six hours of support split between coaching and editing, depending on your needs, which can be dispersed however you choose throughout the process. This may include brainstorming sessions to help you decide on your goals, review of resources available, and/or editing of manuscript drafts. You will communicate directly with your editor throughout the development of the manuscript. Depending on the length of the project there might be further editing costs, but WEX will keep you apprised throughout the process should your editor recommend additional services.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.